8 Things I Learned In Costa Rica


Pura Vida Is A Way Of Life.

Pura Vida is a Costa Rican term that’s been around for many years. Translated into English, Pura Vida means “the simple life” or “pure life”. Costa Rican’s use this term to say everything from hello and goodbye to letting people know things are cool and every little thing is going to be alright. You can even use this term to ward off any negative vibes. So the next time you find yourself vibin’ you should use this word.

Fresh Coconut Water Is One Of The Best Way To Re-Hydrate.

You need lots of water to keep hydrated in a hot climate like Costa Rica. I remember the first time I took a sip from a freshly chopped coconut from a street vendor. It was so deliciously magic….instant hydration.

Drip Drying Won’t Kill You.

I remember having to go to the bathroom so bad during one of our bus rides down the coast. Now there was a lot of nothing on those backroads. It was forest, jungle and green grass for miles on end. I recall the bus just pulling over for a bunch of us that had to use the restroom and I thought to myself….huh. I guess we’re just going to drip dry in the jungle today Kerri. Pura Vida.

If you’re not a fan, you might want to carry a wad of toilet paper with you on your ventures. There was a couple times I encountered restrooms with no toilet paper.

They Have Really Good Coffee.

Costa Rica churns out over a million bags of coffee a year and it’s a-mazing! If you plan on visiting you really need to bring a bag, or two, or three home with you. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when my coffee stock is gone. It’s going to be a sad story.

Beans And Rice Make A Great Breakfast.

Gallo Pinto was served every single morning at our resort. I would have never thought beans and rice could be a breakfast food before spending time in Costa Rica. You will eat it every single day and never get sick of it! I’m still trying to recreate this unique Costa Rican traditional dish at home because I miss it so much.

Plantains Go With Everything.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this enticing fruit. Plantains make a perfect side to any traditional Costa Rican dish. Sweet or savory, they are served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even go great with…you guessed it….Gallo Pinto!

It’s Ok To Just Be Still.

While walking on the beach and watching the waves crashing on the shore, I realized the true meaning of Pura Vida. That walk filled me with so much peace and understanding for the simple way of life they live down there. It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to not get everything checked off your to do list today. It’s ok to just exist and be still.

And last but certainly not least………..

Monkeys Poop A Lot.

This one time in Costa Rica I almost did the slip and slide on some monkey poo in my bare feet. It was everywhere at the hotel and you couldn’t really escape it. So I would highly suggest wearing shoes while in monkey territory. Monkeys are everywhere and so are their droppings. They also have been known to throw poop and steal your belongings. They sure are cute though.

Have you visited Costa Rica before? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!


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