15 Fun Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Vacation


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Pictures capture the moment but souvenirs can be a fun way to recall vacation memories as well. They’re also great presents to bring back to family members and friends who might not have been able to accompany you on a trip.

Although t-shirts can be fun, there’s so many other fun souvenir ideas to choose from. Here’s a few of our favorite souvenir ideas for your next vacation no matter what your budget is.

Coffee Cups– If you’re a coffee drinker this is a great idea. I love reminiscing on trips while drinking my morning cup of Joe.

Shot Glasses- You don’t have to be a drinker to collect these. I don’t drink and I have a nice little collection going on in my kitchen.

Maps- You could make a collage of these after you’ve collected enough from your travels.

Brochures– You can get these at rest areas and they’re free! My kids really enjoy looking back at these and I get some great ideas for future travels.

Pressed Pennies- Not every place is going to have these but many amusement parks and popular destinations do and they usually cost less than a dollar. This Penny Passport Souvenir Book is a creative way to store them all.

Keychains– These are really fun and inexpensive. We have a collection from all the different states we’ve visited. You can display on a shelf, a cork board or even in a Mason jar.

Fridge Magnets- Another inexpensive idea and one of our favorites. They take up little space and get used often.

Coasters- These make a great addition to your dining room table and are fun to collect.

Post Cards- Post cards are all all-time favorite souvenir because they don’t cost a lot and there’s multiple ways to use them. Make a scrapbook, display on a cork board or your fridge, or send to family and friends.

Ornaments- Decorate your Christmas tree each year with memories of your travels.

Figurines and Trinkets- My oldest son always asks me to get him something small to display on his travel shelf in his room. He loves collecting little glass or ceramic figurines and trinkets.

T-Shirts or other Clothing Items- This is probably one of the most popular souvenir ideas. My kids love wearing hats, t-shirts, hoodies and other wearable memorabilia from past vacations.

Local Foods- Visit the local farmer’s markets and road side stands for some inspiration. For instance, when visiting Georgia you might bring back some fresh peaches and locally grown peanuts. Note: If you’re bringing food back from a foreign country check with customs to make sure you can bring it back. Certain food items aren’t allowed entry into the U.S.

Jewelry- This is probably my personal favorite. I like to get bracelets that are unique to the place we visited. I have a conch shell anklet I haven’t taken off since I got back from the Bahamas.

Dollar Bills and Coins- This is great for foreign countries. If you have left over money be sure to save a couple dollar bills and coins from your travels before exchanging them back in.

There’s so many different ways you can display your souvenirs. I have a shelf where we display everything. I’m sure you’ll find something cool to do with your treasures!

What’s your favorite souvenir to collect on your travels? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!



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