Parkesdale Farm Market: Famous Strawberry Shortcake


One of our favorite places to visit when we’re in Central Florida is Parkesdale Farm Market. Located approximately 30 minutes from Tampa, Florida, it’s home to the famous strawberry shortcake.

What makes the strawberry shortcake so special? It’s world famous! People come from all over the U.S. and as far as Europe and Asia to taste their deliciously sweet and savory strawberry shortcake. The strawberries are served fresh from the fields and their shortcake is an ever improving recipe.

The scenery at the market is pretty amazing too. You can sit among the lush, tropical garden as you enjoy your dessert. I wandered around after eating and checked out all the cool plants, pictures and nik naks.

What to get: We prefer the #2 with all the works. It includes strawberries, shortcake, vanilla ice cream and dairy-free whipped topping. You can view the full menu here. We’ve tried the strawberry milkshake and we weren’t a fan, however, it does seem to be a popular choice.

Don’t miss: The Strawberry Throne. This is a great photo op for both kids and adults. Sit on the strawberry and become king and queen of strawberry land.

Market Hours: Strawberry Shortcake is available January 2nd through Mid-April. The summer menu which includes banana splits, shakes and ice cream sundaes is available Mid-April to late December. To avoid big lines and crowds, we suggest planning your visit during a weekday and not on the weekend.

Before you leave: Take some strawberries home with you or pick up a souvenir on the way out. The Parkesdale Market is stocked full of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and more cool stuff.

Have you tasted the famous Parkesdale Market strawberry shortcake before? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

Parkesdale Farm Market:
3702 W Baker St.
Plant City, FL 33563


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