3 Attractions For Animal Lovers at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Located in Tampa, Florida, Busch Gardens is a thrill seekers paradise. But did you know it’s also home to more than 200 different species of animals? It’s is one of America’s most highly accredited zoos. If you’re an animal lover like me you’ll enjoy these 3 attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Animal Connections:

See sloths, flamingos, armadillos and several other animal ambassadors up close at this attraction. I really loved this area because sloths are one of my favorite animals and there were so many! Really, how incredibly cool are these animals? During the time of my visit the zookeepers were interacting with them, and we even got to watch them enjoy a little snack. Way cool experience!

Sloth Animal Connections

Did you know? Sloths love sweet potatoes. It’s like ice cream to them.

Walkabout Way:

Walkabout Way is home to Bush Gardens kangaroo and macropods. Meet kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos at this exhibit. I really enjoyed getting up close to these amazing animals. They came right up to the fence so I snuck a close up! One even squeezed through the fence and made its way to the walkway.

Kangaroo Walkabout Way

Did you know? Some kangaroos can hop 25 feet long in a single bound?

Serengeti Express:

Ride the tram through the Serengeti to see the large, free-roaming herds of Busch Gardens African animals. See giraffes, rhinos, ostriches, zebras and more on the Serengeti Express train with stops at Congo, Nairobi and Stanleyville.

Train Ride through Serengeti

Did you know? Giraffes can stand up a half an hour after being born? They even sleep and give birth standing up!

Giraffe Serengeti

All exhibits closed an hour prior to the zoo itself closing so allow yourself plenty of time to visit each attraction.

Have you visited any of these areas at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below!


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