Circle B Bar Reserve

Walking Among The Alligators


During our time in Florida this month I was excited to be able to make it to Circle B Bar Reserve. This was one of the activities I really wanted to do while down there. Just like the last time we visited, it didn’t disappoint.

There’s miles of nature trails to explore and lots of wildlife waiting to be discovered within the trails. If you have a camera, make sure you bring it along. I’m sure you’ll capture something good.

What animals call this place home?

Circle B is an animal lovers dream. Many animals call this place home including several birds like the great egret and great blue heron, insects, spiders, snakes, alligators, green tree frog and southern leopard frog, softshell turtle, butterflies and moths. Some of the mammals include the bobcat, river otter, raccoon, marsh rabbit and gray squirrel.

You might have heard about the gigantic gator that was spotted in Lakeland a couple years ago. His name is Humpback. Be on the lookout for him. He’s been spotted here.

During our visit the temperature was in the 80’s so it was a perfect day for the alligators to be out sunning themselves. If you want to ensure you see some as well, visit alligator alley when it’s warm outside. Alligators don’t come out much in the colder weather.

We encountered this gator on the trails.

Other animals, birds and reptilians we saw included a wild boar, a coral snake, turtles, several blue herrings, anhingas, snowies, and more birds.

Tips for first time visitors:

Watch your step. My mom almost stepped on a snake.

Remember to respect the wildlife. You’re in their home.

No pets are allowed.

Trails can be wet and muddy. It’s best to come when it’s dry and not after a hard rain.

Bring water with you on the trails.

The Nature Discovery Center is a great place to start if you’re not sure what trails you want to venture out on. We picked up a map and the lady at the desk was really helpful. There’s no restrooms or port a potties along the trails so you’ll want to use the bathroom here first.


The reserve is open everyday sunrise to sunset and is free to get in! The Nature Discovery Center is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am-4:00 pm and Sunday from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Have you visited Circle B Bar Reserve before? Let me know in the comment section below.

Circle B Bar Reserve
4399 Winter Lake Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33803


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